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Expert Report for your Country House Property Building Survey

Cheshire is a county in North West that borders Merseyside and Greater Manchester, within it the county town of Chester sits along with the largest town of Warrington and others such as Macclesfield and Crewe.

It is with little surprise therefore that the county has such beautiful buildings and structures that span back many centuries making it a treasure trove for period building surveyors. If you are historic building consultants and prefer your structures a little older than the prehistoric burial grounds and Roman ruins in and around the county will be right up your street.

If your home or building falls within these areas of age and beauty, then it may become essential to have a country house property building survey or a farm house building surveying carried out, often building owners will put off a historical building survey as their structure has stood the test of time thus far. This dangerous mentality can often lead to building defects left undetected which could be catastrophic.

David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors can assist you with your period property surveys, with over 35 years experience carrying out nationwide building surveys you can rest assured of quality service, ranging from listed building surveys to a town house building survey.

Our listed property surveyors provide a vital service to the buyers of listed buildings; quality historical building surveys carried out by a grade 1 listed building surveyor can note a buildings historical evolution across, potentially, many centuries. This type of information can inform a potential buyer of any defects or aspects of the building that need retaining, and this could incur financial responsibilities for many years.

Some aspects of works to your building could require a conservation surveyor to create a heritage statement to support such a build. This information informs the council of the historical path of the building to highlight areas to be considered within the works.

For quality historic building surveys that you can trust get in touch with us at David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors. Our team of experts offer specialist items such as historic building surveys and listed building surveys to ensure your records are kept up to date.

Our period building surveyors pride themselves on attention to detail while compiling their period property surveys. No matter the location our nationwide building surveys will cover you, from farm house building surveying to town house building survey.

Satisfy your local authority while building the extension you need with our heritage statement. Our conservation surveyor will expertly compile this document along with your country house property building survey.

Alternatively, make use of our historic building consultants or listed property surveyors who will gladly look at your building. If your building is listed, then we have years of expertise, and our grade 1 listed building surveyor will be glad to assist.