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    A Historic building Survey is the top of the range survey giving clients informed knowledge and reducing the risk associated with purchase... read more

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    The Country House has been an evolving subject since the sixteenth century, when for the first time, defence was not the primary concern for the design and location of a principal house. ... read more

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    For anyone buying a listed building they need to know about issues relating to the listing as these can have future financial implications as well as the condition of the property... read more

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    Properties which are not listed, generally describe as Period Property Surveys reflecting the vast array of different types and styles of houses in the UK together with the various influences on designs and factors... read more

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Historic Building Surveys in your Town

The planning process in Kensington can be challenging to navigate at the best of times when a building is located within a conservation area; there are further measures to be taken for works to progress. These stringent guidelines are placed to protect the visual impact of any proposals within the conservation area. The skilful guidance of our conservation surveyor may be vital in securing the approval you desire.

Should the site also be shrouded in historical significance then, further measures could be requested through the planning process, such as a heritage statement that seeks to clarify the history of a site and how the proposals will sympathise with it.

If you have any queries relating to a heritage statement you require, our conservation surveyor will be happy to help.

For an established industry leader, you can call on, trust David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors to carry out nationwide building surveys that range from Listed Building Surveys all the way to quality historic building surveys, we don't just deliver average historic building surveys.

Many period buildings still remain in this town from Elizabethan to Georgian. If you are lucky enough to own one of these beautiful buildings, it is advisable to have period property surveys carried out by trusted period building surveyors.

Information relating to period property surveys can be gathered via a chat with our period building surveyors.

A building of particular aesthetic or historical interest is protected against poor design by being listed, this means that there are more planning measures to overcome. To determine the level of listing a building’s interior and exterior features are subject to listed building surveys by competent listed property surveyors.

Often historic building consultants are assigned to determine the buildings historic importance to the area and possibly the country. Should a building be deemed worthy of the top grading of grade 1 listing, only 2.5% of the listed buildings hold such accolades, then a grade 1 listed building surveyor is necessary for any future adaptations for both interior and exterior features. 

For more info on your unique historic building consultants are able to advise on surveys that you may require. A grade 1 listed building surveyor will feed information back to our team of listed property surveyors via historic building surveys.

Should the hustle and bustle of everyday life call for a location to work and a place to ‘play’ and unwind then perhaps our townhouse building survey will ensure your work side residence remains functional and a country house property building survey keeps your downtime peaceful. Although they are very different in size and locality, both buildings require the same level of TLC.

For some lucky customers, both work and tranquillity are present throughout the week, for our agricultural friends we offer excellent farmhouse building surveying to ensure your functional spaces remain functional and your places of relative peace remain so.

To schedule, your quality historic building surveys speak to our skilled staff at David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors, they can discuss their nationwide building surveys. For a vast array of expertise which includes townhouse building survey, farmhouse building surveying and country house property building survey give us a call.