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    A Historic building Survey is the top of the range survey giving clients informed knowledge and reducing the risk associated with purchase... read more

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    The Country House has been an evolving subject since the sixteenth century, when for the first time, defence was not the primary concern for the design and location of a principal house. ... read more

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    For anyone buying a listed building they need to know about issues relating to the listing as these can have future financial implications as well as the condition of the property... read more

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    Properties which are not listed, generally describe as Period Property Surveys reflecting the vast array of different types and styles of houses in the UK together with the various influences on designs and factors... read more

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Listed Property Surveyors in your Town

In some locations of natural beauty, a conservation area is formed to ensure that the visual impact of any build or extension is carefully considered during the planning process. There are more stringent requirements throughout the planning process in such cases, and our conservation surveyor would be keen to guide you through the processes.

In areas of historical sensitivity, such as Barnet, a heritage statement may be required as part of the application process to map out the history of the site and the impact the proposals will have on it.

Our conservation surveyor is always available to give advice to our clients relating to their heritage statement.

David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors are a trusted name in the industry and carry out nationwide building surveys ranging from Listed Building Surveys to historic building surveys, not just any, but quality historic building surveys.

If you have the luxury of living in a period building be it Georgian or Victorian it is imperative that it is inspected by quality period building surveyors. They will carry out through inspections and period property surveys to use as you wish.

For information on our period property surveys speak to one of our friendly period building surveyors.

When a building is listed, it is to revel in its architectural beauty and historical interests and offer additional protection against bad design by more stringent planning procedures, listed building surveys are undertaken by listed property surveyors to itemise a buildings historical features both inside and out.

If the building has particular interests of age, historic building consultants may be brought in, buildings of such nature are almost certainly considered for the highest of grade 1 listing of which only 2.5% occupy the full list of listed buildings. In this instance, a grade 1 listed building surveyor will be required for any future adaption, inside and out.

Information on your distinctive historic building consultants can guide you on your survey that could be essential. A grade 1 listed building surveyor will gather intel and report to our group of listed property surveyors with historic building surveys.

Often a family or professional couple may opt for two properties, one being a central town location for use during the week and then a lovely retreat in the country for the weekend. Although these two locations are a world apart, the buildings basic needs are the same, just on varying scales.

A townhouse building survey will ensure that the work location, works for you and similarly, a country house property building survey will ensure your tranquillity remains intact on the weekend. Or perhaps, in the case of our agricultural customers, these two aspects are consistent over seven days a week, in which case farm house building surveying may be essential for you.

For more information on nationwide building surveys speak with our specialist team at David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors who will book in your quality historic building surveys. For a full range of services that include townhouse building survey, farmhouse building surveying and country house property building survey get in touch.