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Industry Leading Conservation Surveyor in your Town

The historic medieval walled city of York in North Yorkshire was founded by the Romans in 71 AD and boasts the beautiful Gothic cathedral York Minster. York is a cultural hot-spot and gorgeous place to visit for those interested in archaeology and architecture.

There are over 1,500 stunning listed buildings in York making it an exciting city for Period building surveyors and historic building consultants who may find a plethora of gems to absorb.

If your home or building is a magnificent period structure, then it may be fundamental to have a country house property building survey or a farmhouse building surveying. It is typical for owners to put off a historical building survey because no significant concerns for their property have been detected to date. However, this hazardous way of thinking can often lead to building defects left unobserved which could cause serious problems.

David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors is delighted to assist with your period property surveys, with over 35 years experience in nationwide building surveys you can feel reassured that we provide a quality service ranging from listed building surveys to a townhouse building survey.

Our listed property surveyors provide a precious service to the procurers of listed buildings. Quality historical building surveys carried out by a grade 1 listed building surveyor can record a structure's history going back many years. This type of information can let a potential buyer know of any deficiencies or portion of the building that needs maintaining, and this could incur financial responsibilities for many years.

In order to create a heritage statement to support such a build, a conservation surveyor may be required for some of the aspects of works needed for your building. This information notifies the council of the historical journey of the building to outline areas for consideration within the works.

To ensure that your records are current, please contact us at David Hornsby Chartered Surveyors for quality historic building surveys and our skilled team of specialists can provide details on historic building surveys and listed building surveys.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our period building surveyors relish in providing comprehensive period property surveys. Our nationwide building surveys will cover you from farmhouse building surveying to townhouse building survey, and we can operate in any location in the UK.

Keep your local authority informed while building the ideal extension using our heritage statement. Our conservation surveyor will expertly compile this document along with your country house property building survey.

Alternatively, our historic building consultants or listed property surveyors are on hand to support you. Our grade 1 listed building surveyor has extensive knowledge in this area and will be happy to assist if your building is listed.